The students’home called Maison des Mines is a students’ residence of 200 rooms. It is located in Latin Quarter, between Panthéon and Val de Grace, and at 500 meters of Jardin du Luxembourg (French Senate Garden). It is a complex of two buildings with several conference halls and meeting rooms, which can be used for seminars, training course, technical or scientificor medical congress and sportive activities.
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Students’ Residence of ParisTech

The Maison des Mines is the residence for students from the three following “Grandes Ecoles” :

- Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris (ENSMP)
- Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (ENPC)
- Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées (ENSTA)

The Maison des Mines is reserved from September to June for their students. Two criteria for the distribution of rooms : the capital share of the three associations of alumni of each school and the number of Parisian students of each school. The presentation of rooms and their equipments can be found on the page “housing” of our site. More details can be found in the page “life in Maison des Mines” of the students’ site.

Residence Open to foreign students

The Maison des Mines is open all year around and receives during summer season (from June to September) students, interns, visitors for a sojourn from 1 week to 3 months. Each summer we receive about 450 strangers..

Place of conferences and meetings

Several meeting halls are available in the day as well as in the evening, even during the weekends. We receive various clients : Clio, University La Sorbonne, Scientifics or Medical conferences, Sportive activities (Judo, Gym fitness), Churches, Syndic General Assembly, literary/philosophic clubs, etc. More details and tariffs are found in the page « Meetings » of our site.

History of Maison des Mines

The residence is composed of two buildings. The first one was built in 1932 with a capacity of 110 rooms on Saint Jacques Street. The second one was built in 1962 on Pierre Nicole street side.

These two buildings, like all the others in the hilly area of Latin Quarter, are built on top of the catacombs. They are cavities of 20 or 30 meters deep, and the results of limestone mining which have contributed to the construction of Paris. The presence of these catacombs (cherished by the students of Ecole des Mines) has imposed important costly consolidation of groundwork. It has also led to a historical discovery ; an authentic statue of roman god Mercury (1 meter) has been found. It has been donated by the Mining Association of former students of Ecole des Mines to the city of Paris, and is now displayed in Carnavalet Musum for exposition.

For more information on this discovery and the history of Students’ home of Maison des Mines, you are invited to click on

Legal Structure, Management and Contact

The Maison des Mines has a double legal structure :

- Company HLM (proprietor of buildings) headed by Pascal LUPO, Chairman
- Association of Management Association headed by Antoine BATTISTELLI, Chairman

The Residence is managed by :

- Director : Jean Pascal GUILPART
- Managerial assistant : Adriana MORENO
- Service includes : reservation, housekeeping & maintenance, security

Please contact us :