Housing in the MDM

During the school period (from September to June), the residence is reserved to students of the three schools (Mines, Ponts et Chaussées, ENSTA)

As soon as a student is informed that he is admitted, he can ask his school for an inscription file. The admission is decided by the school. The student representatives (called Piauleurs) are chosen among students of 2nd and 3rd years. They are responsible for receiving the newcomers and distribution of the rooms. Every room is, as a rule, shared by two students ; but the 3rd year students may, as exceptions, rent individual rooms.

The student representatives inform their newcomers of the daily student life, whereas the staff is in charge of the daily life. And the management team is responsible for the overall ruling

200 rooms for 390 persons

The residence includes 200 rooms for 390 persons ; they are distributed among the three engineering schools Grandes Ecoles (Mines 268 roomplaces, Ponts 102 rooms, ENSTA 20 rooms)

About thirty rooms are equipped with shower ; the rest have an access to showers in the corridor.

The rooms are equipped with bed, writing desk. Kitchenettes (refrigerator and sink) are helpful for preparing breakfast and rapid food. Tableware and hot plates are not supplied. Gas tube is forbidden within the room. Cooking can be done in reserved places (with microwave and hob). Each student is responsible for keeping his room clean and tidy. Routine cleaning is assumed by housekeeping staff. There is Internet Access, created and managed by the Students.


Maintenance works, undertaken by a technician, are reported to the manager and registered by the secretary.

Bed linens are furnished (except towels)

A coin laundry (modest price) is available to all the students (washing machines and dryers) in the basement.

A Resident Club with a bar and a ballroom is reserved for students, which is a place for gathering and various activities.

There are also a soundproof hall, a piano hall, a televison room and a fitness room for the well-being of the students.

Students can also use meeting rooms for studies or small classes if they are not reserved for other purpose.

The tariffs for students benefit from APL convention or ALS : these are the allowances destined to students by French Authority CAF . The file is to be withdrawn from the CAF (address and internet) and the completed formula should be submitted to the direction. The secretary and the student representatives can give helpful information for the administrative procedure.

The taxrate table

- To consult the taxrate table.


- Jean Pascal GUILPART
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